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A classic example of misdirection between a phone call and what is actually happening.  This spot was featured on America's Best TV Commercials. 


Speaking the truth is a very powerful way to communicate the strengths of an organization like Davenport University.  I believe when you find a good idea the story usually writes itself.  These students spoke their truth and it did write itself. 

Push Up Girl

Exercise is the only thing I can give myself and no one can take it away. That is my motivation to work out and was the inspiration when creating this commercial for Champion. 


Where can you go to show how fast a Mustang can go without braking the speed limit? Germany!


Back Flop

Davenport - “Back Flop”: He did not make his backflip but he made social media history.


Davenport - "Martin". How do you feature the Davenport library use a Hamster. Lots of likes!


Davenport - "Erin". When employers like your student you let them tell everyone. We did.

Thanks Davenport

Davenport - " Women in Technology". A video to help recruit women in technology. It worked.